Design Assistance

Our team of lighting consultants is trained to assist you in every step of your project :

  • Evaluation of your lighting needs,
  • Assistance in the development of the lighting plan,
  • Recommendations for required fixtures,
  • Validation of illuminance level,
  • Budget quoting and delivery of your project. 


Our photometric analysis allows us to validate your lighting concept and thus assure you to meet your project needs. Your consultant will let you know which are the ideal formats in order to efficiently transfer your data to our photometric calculation softwares. 

3D Rendering

Our 3D renderings allow you to easily visualize an intended lighting concept. Derived from a picture taken of a specific location, 3D images are digitally generated in order to reveal and enhance details such as constrasts, textures, shadows and light refraction, which may not be normally apparent on a true colour image. 

This step will assure you of the integrity of your lighting concept. 

On-site Testing

Our technical team can perform an illuminance test directly on your project site. Our mobile unit is available in the event where on-testing is necessary.

Your lighting advisor will be able to plan and coordinate this with you.