Project details

Project type: Institutions + Workplaces
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Lighting Design: Rochon Experts Conseils Inc
Engineer: WSP Group
General electrician: RGF
Photographer: Stéphane Brugger


Lumenpulse Québec's luminaires have made it possible to create custom lighting for new offices located in one of Montreal's landmarks.

Desjardins Offices

The Olympic Stadium Tower, Montreal's historical and architectural symbol, had remained empty since its construction was completed in 1987. Desjardins was the first company to see its development project come to fruition in June 2018 with the installation of nearly 1,000 of its employees on 7 floors of the Tower.  

The lighting project for these new premises is the result of a two-pronged approach. On the one hand, Desjardins wanted to pay tribute to this monument and to what it symbolizes for Montrealers. On the other hand, the company wanted to create a modern and warm living environment, capable of attracting and retaining young talents, a very important challenge in this sector.  

For Julien-Pierre Laurendeau, interior designer at Provencher-Roy, one of the main sources of inspiration in terms of lighting was the original ceiling structure of the Olympic Stadium Tower. "We wanted to create a spectacular luminaire for the main entrance. The original orange screen of the Olympic Stadium made it possible, at the junction of its cables, to allow natural light to pass through to illuminate the stadium enclosure during the day. We took inspiration from this now defunct feature to design this unique luminaire, made of orange umbrellas entirely made to measure. »  

In addition to this tribute to the original canvas ceiling, the Olympic rings have also served as an inspiration for the creation of illuminated circular panels that illuminate play or meeting activities in relaxation areas or meeting rooms. The pattern is found in all offices. "One of our objectives was to offer different types of employees exactly what they need, sometimes in the same day: a calm and subdued environment, a dynamic space, standing with a view of the outside, or a moment of relaxation. Lighting was supposed to support this flexibility," explains Mr. Laurendeau. We chose Lumenpulse for their ability to create custom-made luminaires and architectural elements. »  

Even the lighting in the 350-seat cafeteria was designed to accentuate the symbiosis between the premises and the Tower. For this organically shaped building, the Provencher-Roy team was inspired by the veining of the leaves to define the lighting plan, visible from the street, which suggests the skeleton of this leaning tower.   

More than a year after this installation, Desjardins senior management reports an increase in employee retention and very positive feedback from visitors and Montrealers. 

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