A New Product Interface for Lumenpulse.com

New features and an even better user experience for the LED manufacturer’s website

To improve user experience and allow faster and easier research for all products, all of Lumenpulse's North American product offerings, as of today, have been integrated into one brand on Lumenpulse.com. The redesign of product searches and pages offer visitors a new user experience and aims to inspire lighting professionals to bring forth their project's architectural splendor.

Lumenalpha's point source architectural lighting and Lumenarea's area outdoor lighting have been merged into the Lumenpulse brand banner, which now offers three distinct product categories exterior architectural lighting, point source, and area lighting.

Clients will now be able to view Lumenpulse's complete product catalogue when visiting Lumenpulse.com and select between indoor and outdoor lighting sectors.

Navigate Lumenpulse's product offering and choose the best option for your application and lighting needs today. 

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